Storm Damage Roof Repairs That Might Be Needed For Shingle Damage Due To Strong Winds

Posted on: 28 December 2022


If you have an asphalt shingle roof, high winds during a storm can rip off shingles and send them flying. The wind can also make shingles loosen so they flap every time the wind blows. This puts the shingles at a high risk of being torn off during the next storm. Here's a look at some storm damage roof repairs your asphalt shingles might need.

Replace Missing Shingles

Putting new shingles on the roof to replace missing ones torn off by wind is a fairly easy job. The new shingles can be slid into the place where the old shingles used to be. This involves lifting the shingles in the row above the new shingles and then nailing the shingles in place. The contractor may also use adhesive to help hold the shingles down.

The roofer might also want to patch in some underlayment if the underlayment got torn off too. This is done by cutting the patch to size and then peeling off the backing so the underlayment sticks to the roof deck. Then the new shingles can be added on top.

Secure Loose Shingles

Sometimes, shingles get torn part of the way off but they still stay attached to the roof. When this happens, the shingles may not be positioned properly or they may not be secure. Your roofer can line up these shingles so they are positioned correctly and then nail them to the roof or use adhesive to secure them to the roof deck.

Replace Cracked Or Damaged Shingles

If the wind blows something heavy against the roof, a shingle might crack or be damaged. This can also happen with a storm that has hail in it. If the damage involves many shingles, your entire roof may need to be replaced.

If the damage only affects a few shingles, the roofer can take off the bad shingles and replace them with new ones so the risk of a roof leak is eliminated. You may want to talk to your insurance agent about storm damage roof repairs since your insurance might pay for a new roof if the damage is bad enough, and that could save you a lot of money.

If your area had a storm that was much worse than usual and neighbors are talking about property damage, it's a good idea to have your roof checked. You may not spot damage from the ground, so bringing in a roofer ensures you won't miss damage that could lead to a roof leak and water damage.