Pros And Cons Of Membrane Roofing For Homes

Posted on: 20 July 2023


Membrane roofing consists of a large, thin membrane that is stretched across and annealed to the roof's surface. This type of roofing has been used for years on commercial buildings. However, it has just recently become more commonplace for residential use. From EPDM to TPO, there are several different materials that can be used to make the membrane. However, they all have similar pros and cons when used to roof homes.

Pro: Membrane roofing is affordable.

The materials used to make membrane roofing are quite affordable. You'll pay a lot less for one roof's worth of EPDM or PTO than for an equivalent amount of roofing tile or metal panels. Installation costs tend to be low, too, since membrane roofing is so quick to install.

Con: Membrane roofing can be ripped by sharp or rough objects.

Your roof probably does not come into contact with sharp objects routinely. But if there are tree branches that scrape against it, the branches could rip a hole in the membrane. Some membrane roofing can get ripped by bad hail, too. As such, membrane roofing does not tend to work well in areas where hail storms are common or on homes with tree coverage.

Pro: Membrane roofing can help you save energy.

Most of the membrane roofs installed on homes are light in color and are made to be extra reflective. By reflecting more heat and sunshine in the summer, they help keep your air conditioning use and energy costs lower.

Con: Membrane roofing has a less traditional look.

Some people like the look of membrane roofing, but a lot of people do find it to be plain or boring. It will look out of place on a Victorian or Craftsman home.

Pro: Membrane roofing is fire-resistant.

If you live in an area where wildfires are a concern, then membrane roofing is a great choice. It is less apt to go up in flames if it gets hot. Even in areas where wildfires are not a concern, this fire-resistant roof material will make your home less likely to catch fire if one of the homes next to it goes up in flames.

Is membrane roofing the right choice for your home? This simple, modern roofing material does work well for some homeowners, but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Talk to your roofing contractor to learn more about it and other roof materials that compare. Talk to your contractor as well about their roofing services if you want to install new roofing.