Ways To Cover The Costs Of Roof Replacement

Posted on: 8 June 2023


Roof replacement can happen for a number of reasons. You may buy a home that is older and has not had roofing repairs or replacement in several decades. You may also experience heavy storms that cause damage to the roof in multiple places. When it is time to replace your roof, you may be concerned about how to cover the costs and what parts of the roof replacement can be avoided. Here are some answers to those concerns.

Partial Replacement

The cost of a full roof replacement can feel astronomical when you first are given an estimate. One way to lower that fee is to discuss a partial replacement with your roofing contractor. You may find the roof is in bad shape, but only in certain areas. If a partial replacement is possible, you may be able to get it done in sections, reducing the cost even further. You may also be able to combine repairs and replacement to get your roof in shape and reduce the chances of issues.  

Shingle Replacement

You may find, after a roofing contractor assessment, that your roof has shingle damage, but no known damage elsewhere. This can mean replacing just the shingles, tiles, or metal roofing while leaving the underlayment and the decking intact. Reducing your roof replacement to just the shingles can reduce the costs of the replacement greatly and make it more manageable. You will also reduce the construction to a minimum, which reduces the disruption to your home life during the replacement. 

In-House Financing

If there is no way to reduce the costs of the roof replacement by having a partial replacement or shingle-only replacement, then you can finance it. One option you may not consider is in-house financing. Some roofing contractors do allow for in-house financing. This usually means you would put a certain percentage of the costs down as a downpayment. You would then pay off the replacement monthly based on the number of days the contractor offers. 

If you believe you may be in need of roofing repair or a roof replacement, contact your area roofing contractor. They can assess the current state of your roof and determine if any repairs or replacements are necessary. They can also discuss any roofing concerns you have and help you find a method to make the repairs and get your roof back into shape. They can also make suggestions for upgrades if you choose to make any during the roof replacement process.

Contact a local residential roofing contractor to learn more.