How To Handle Roof Damage Caused By Undesirable Pests

Posted on: 21 March 2023


Are you having roof trouble because pests decided to make a nest on your rooftop? Not only have you likely been hearing all kinds of noises coming from the ceilings of your home because of these unruly pests, but there's also a possibility that these destructive animals have caused quite a bit of damaged that needs fixing. If you have damage to your roof because of pests, you need to seek immediate help from two professionals — an animal control specialist and a roofing contractor.

Request the Assistance of an Animal Control Team

Before a roofing contractor can fix the damage caused by these pests, such as rats, raccoons, bats, or any other wildlife, you need to contact an animal control team to have them carefully and, in most cases, humanely remove these animals for you. It's dangerous to attempt to move these pests, especially if you don't know if they have rabies.

Bring a Roofing Contractor to Your Home to Inspect the Damage Caused by the Pests

After getting rid of the pests, you want to bring a roofing contractor out right away to help resolve the problems they've caused while preventing new pests from seeking shelter on your rooftop. The roofing contractor will assess the damage caused by these pests, including torn or broken shingles, small or large holes, dents, puncture marks, and tears through various roofing materials, including your insulation, and will provide you with a list of the repairs you will need.

Whether or not you need extensive repairs depends on how long those pests were harboring on your rooftop, how many were living there together, and how much damage they caused when building a shelter from the elements. No matter the extent of the damage, allowing the roofing contractor to begin repairs is the most effective way to restore your roof or prevent further damage initially caused by these pests. If you don't get your roof fixed after removing the pests from your property, things like broken shingles and small holes will only worsen, further exacerbated by the elements, such as heavy winds and rainstorms.

Handle Pests on Your Rooftop Quickly to Avoid Excessive Damage

As soon as you see or hear signs of pests living on your roof, reach out to the animal control team and contact a roofing contractor who can go on the roof and get an in-depth look at the damage. Then, it would be best to act quickly to protect your roof, minimize damage, and prevent more severe issues.

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