Roofing Upgrades To Consider For Heavy Rain Environments

Posted on: 8 March 2023


Nearly any weather condition can cause damage to your roof. The damage can occur slowly over time or it can happen within one storm. There are certain weather conditions, however, that can cause both damage immediately and damage over time. One of these types of damaging storms is heavy rains. If you live in an environment that experiences heavy rains throughout the year, consider getting these roofing upgrades from a roofing contractor.

Metal Roofing

If you have a traditional asphalt roof, you may want to consider making a material upgrade. Upgrading your roofing material from asphalt to metal can greatly increase the protection from rain damage. The metal roof offers interlocking seams. The interlocking effect reduces the chances of leaks between shingles. The metal also goes to the roofline at a better angle to help the rainwater run off to the ground or into the guttering. Metal roofing comes in various styles and colors. This means you can find something to fit your home design, budget, and needs. 

Roofing Angle

In areas where there is heavy rain throughout the year, the pitch or angle of the roof can be vital. If you have a flat roof, you are more likely to have standing water and water drainage issues. This is especially true during severe heavy rains that can last for several days. By increasing the pitch or angle of your roof to a steeper incline, you can help the natural flow of rainwater and keep the water from pooling in specific areas. 

Proper Guttering

If you do not have a solid guttering system, it is an upgrade you should strongly consider. A properly installed guttering system can help move rain away from the roofing. The guttering system also protects your landscaping from erosion as well as flooding and other similar issues. The guttering should be installed by a professional roofing contractor. They will know how to properly install the guttering for your specific roof and the pitch of your roof. This will cut down on any issues you may have with the guttering pulling on the roofing or causing damage to the roofline. 

When you are ready to seriously consider these roofing upgrades, contact a local roofing contractor. They can inspect your current roofing situation to determine the best steps to take next. They will also discuss with you any upgrades to the material of your roofing or additional upgrades they feel are best for your specific roof.