Schedule Your Roof Inspection To Look For Winter Damage

Posted on: 22 February 2023


As winter nears its end and spring gets closer on the calendar, you might be planning to take an inventory of your house or property to see if there are any issues that need maintenance or repair. Don't forget to include your roof on this checklist, as winter weather can sometimes cause problems that you won't be fully aware of until you actually see it. Here's why you should reach out to local roofing contractors to start discussing a roof inspection as winter comes to a close.

Loose Shingles

As snow and ice pile onto your roof and put weight on top of your shingles, there could be wear and tear happening that might eventually cause a shingle to become loose. A big gust of wind might be enough to finally nudge a formerly secure shingle into moving slightly out of place. A roof inspection will take a look at each shingle one by one and ensure that each one is still secure and doing its job of keeping water from getting into your house.

Damage to Your Gutter

If your gutter had a clog in it at any point this winter, there's a chance melted snow or ice could have gotten stuck up there but then expanded once the temperature dipped back down and turned it back into ice. Melted snow can also sometimes form an ice dam at the edge of your roof just before it gets to the gutter. The area around the gutter and the gutter itself should be inspected for signs of damage. You need to make sure that the gutter is draining properly in order to avoid damage to your house's foundation.

Damaged Flashing

Beyond shingles, you might also have flashing in multiple spots across your roof. Flashing is what provides a seal around any structure you've installed on top of your roof. Flashing around a chimney is common but you might also have some around your satellite dish or any other installation. An inspection from a professional will check these spots as well.

A Leak You Didn't Know About

If you haven't been up to your attic in a long time, there's a chance you might have water damage from the winter and not even know about it. All it takes is one faulty shingle to start letting water in. If this went unchecked all winter long, the moisture could have caused the development of mold or other issues in your attic. Getting an inspection will let you know if there was in fact a leak so you can begin the process of repairing the property damage. 

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