Want A Long Lasting Commercial Roof? 4 Maintenance Practices To Follow

Posted on: 30 January 2023


A commercial building is a valuable investment. As such, you should pay attention to each of its components, including the roof. Remember that roof damage that goes unchecked can quickly tarnish your business image. Besides that, ignoring minor roofing issues requires you to install a new roof which can be expensive. But roof maintenance goes a long way in eliminating the need for expensive repairs or even replacement. So check out the critical maintenance tasks you should always pay attention to. 

Don't Allow Anyone to Walk on the Roof  

To prevent damage to your commercial roof, you should limit the roof traffic. Typically, only experienced roofers and licensed heating and cooling professionals should access the roof. In addition, you may request your roofer to install walk pads around the roof to protect it from damage against foot traffic.

Ensure That You Frequently Clean the Roof

Cleaning your commercial roof regularly is essential in extending your roof's longevity. Usually, this task involved the removal of dirt and debris, such as tree leaves. Keep in mind that if such waste is left to pile, it will hold moisture, creating a conducive environment for moss growth. This organic matter doesn't just ruin the building's curb appeal but causes degradation of the roofing material. If allowed to thrive, moss growth might force you to replace your roof sooner than anticipated. Debris can also cause water pooling in low-slope roofs, leading to water leaks.

Understand Your Warranty

As a commercial property owner or manager, you should remember that your commercial roof has a manufacturer's warranty. This being the case, you ought to read through and understand what your warranty requires. Most warranties require property owners to undertake routine professional roof inspections and use approved building materials. Such guidelines play a significant role in increasing the longevity of your roof.

Ensure That Your Roof Has Adequate Ventilation

Proper ventilation keeps the roof functional for a longer period. That is because roof ventilation helps prevent excessive attic heat accumulation during the hot season. It also ensures that moist air doesn't rise to the roof membrane in the cold months. Remember that overheating and excessive moisture in the attic spaces can reduce the lifespan of a commercial roof. 

Your commercial roof plays a fundamental role in protecting the valuable assets in the building. So, to avoid unexpected roof damage, call a commercial roofing contractor for regular inspection and pay attention to the few ideas shared in this guide.

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