Why Investing In Luxury Or Architectural Shingle Roofing Could Be A Good Idea

Posted on: 7 December 2022


Asphalt shingles are a common type of roofing, so if your home needs a new roof, shingles would be a good choice. Your home would fit right in, while it might not if your home is the only one in the neighborhood with a metal roof. While three-tab shingles have one of the lower costs in roofing, you can spend more and get a higher-quality roof. Here's why you may want to invest in architectural or luxury shingles rather than basic three-tab roofing.

Luxury Shingles Are More Durable

Luxury and architectural shingles are thicker than three-tab shingles. This makes them more durable. Plus, they are laminated so they have a more attractive appearance. Thicker shingles cost more, but they also have higher ratings for wind and impacts. They usually have longer lives and longer warranties too.

Stronger Shingles Are Worth It In Stormy Areas

Storms are hard on shingle roofs since strong winds can lift shingles and hail can completely destroy a shingle roof. Thicker shingles can be damaged too, but since they are thicker and heavier, they are harder to lift and they're more resistant to impacts.

If you live where hail is common or in an area where tropical storms can occur, investing in a stronger roof could mean you'll have fewer repairs to make over the life of the roof and that your roof will still be intact once a storm has passed.

Roof Longevity Is Important When You're Older

If you plan to age in place, it's a good idea to prepare your home so you won't have major expenses when you're older and less likely to have extra money for home improvements. Luxury shingles could last a few decades, so you may not need to replace the roof again in your lifetime unless it's destroyed by a storm.

Luxury Looks Give Your Home An Upgrade

As long as luxury or architectural shingles fit your budget, you may want to buy them based on looks alone. They have a more luxurious appearance on your roof, and that gives your home improved curb appeal. You can keep asphalt shingles while having an upscale roof, so you don't have to switch to clay tiles or slate.

These shingles are laminated to have the look of depth with dark colors that mimic shadows. That makes the shingles look like wood shakes. Some are made to look like slate. Like any other high-quality building material, luxury shingles make your home more appealing, so they are worth close consideration when you're comparing roofing materials.  

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