Follow These Tips And Guidelines To Find Out The Most Common Issues That Affect The Roof

Posted on: 28 November 2022


Roofing is a crucial part of the construction process. This is because the roof protects structural integrity by keeping the weather elements at bay. That said, with age and continuous exposure, the roofing material will take a beating and start to develop issues. More so, failure to schedule immediate repairs or attempting to repair the damage yourself can result in more problems. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you identify typical roof issues.

Weathering Caused by Age

Even with the best maintenance, a time will come when your roof will start showing signs of weathering. Note that organic roofing materials like cedar shakes and certain types of tiles are more susceptible to weathering than their artificial counterparts. For example, a wooden roof is more likely to suffer damage from UV rays than asphalt shingles. However, technology can protect both materials from deterioration. For example, a roofer can apply a protective coating to reflect harmful UV rays and keep the roofing material performing at its best for longer.

Poor Maintenance

The second culprit in roof deterioration is poor maintenance. You should know that even the best roofing materials will become damaged if they are neglected for a long time. In this case, flat and low-sloped styles are the most susceptible to damage caused by poor maintenance. This is because they are more likely to pool water and accumulate sediments and pollutants on their surfaces. As such, flat roof maintenance should involve regular inspections to ensure they aren't holding water, clearing out debris inside the gutters, and raking off any snow that doesn't slide off.

Issues with DIY Installation

The initial installation can determine whether the roof will last decades without a problem. Note that roof design problems are common when you go for a DIY installation. These include using weak structures to support the material and ending up with a roof that can easily cave when exposed to heavy loads. On the other hand, poor slope design can lead to a sagging roof, especially in stormy and windy climates. Poor spacing also constricts the material and minimizes its ability to contract and expand with the weather. Hence, working with a roof installation expert is crucial to avoid major design flaws.

The Rooftop Equipment

The roof is a space you can use for various additional functions. These include installing HVAC outdoor units, solar panels, water tanks, and more. As such, the roof structure will take the pressure if the equipment is heavy or needs much maintenance. Hence, you should consider moving such equipment from your roof to avoid premature failure. 

These are the places you should first check when looking for the causes of your roofing issues. Contact a company like Schmidt Roofing & Siding for more information.