Other Jobs You May Want To Have Done During Your Roof Replacement

Posted on: 27 October 2022


Having a roof replaced is a rather big project. Your roofers have to strip off the old roof, put down a new layer of underlayment, lay new shingles, and finish it all off with new flashing. With as much as they have going on, you may be hesitant to add more to their plate. But it is often easier for your roofers to do all necessary roofing work at once. As such, you may want to consider whether you need the following work done and ask your roofers to do it while they're already on your property.

Replace the Gutters

Often, the roofers will let you know if your gutters are on their last leg and need to be replaced along with your roof. If the gutters are still serviceable, the roofers, by default, will generally put them right back into place after they put your new roof on. But there are reasons to replace gutters that are still serviceable. Maybe they aren't the color you want. Or perhaps your gutters are vinyl, and you want to upgrade to steel ones. You can ask your roofer to replace your gutters along with your roof even if your current gutters still work.

Add Attic Vents

The terms "attic vents" and "roof vents" are interchangeable. The vents exist to let heat out of your attic so that the heat does not instead pass through your roof, causing shingle damage along the way. Your roofer may be able to tell, based on the roof, if your attic is very poorly ventilated. But slightly deficient ventilation is harder to notice without going into the actual attic on hot days. If your attic gets really hot and stuffy on hot days, or if you can feel heat radiating through the ceiling, ask your roofer to add some more vents to your roof.

Update Sewer Vents and Chimney Vents

Have your chimney vents or sewer vents ever become covered in leaves or snow? Your roofer may not know this is happening if they don't see it in action. So, let them know about these issues. They can often either extend your vents or replace them with ones that are taller and will be less apt to be covered in snow or leaves. 

Roof replacement is a big project, but roofers — such as 503  Roofing and Construction, LLC — are used to handling big projects. Don't hesitate to ask them to tackle these other projects if they need to be done.