Useful Information You Need To Have About Metal Roofs

Posted on: 15 July 2022


Take a look around you. Do you notice the number of homes with metal roofing on them? You might not even recognize some of them since metal roofs can now mimic asphalt shingles and other roofing materials of choice. All in all, metal roofs have gained popularity for good reasons. They are known for their exceptional lifespan and energy efficiency. On top of these, the material is safe for the environment and can work on low-sloped roofs. As you plan on metal roof installation, below is everything there is to know about them.

You Are Allowed To Install Them Over The Existing Roof

Most roofing companies prefer removing the previous roofing before putting up a new one, but this isn't always the case. Based on the building standards in your area, there is an exception for working with metal roofs. And if you are worried about mold build-up or rotting of the wooden parts of your roof due to water vapor getting stuck between the old and new roof, it can easily be solved by installing a vented metal roof. There is also the other option of placing furring strips first before putting down the new roof, which creates a breathing space between the two layers. This, however, is something that only your roofer can decide based on the building codes in your state and the current state of your building.

Some Metal Roofs Are Susceptible To Extreme Hail

It is true that metal roofing lasts long with minimal maintenance and is incredibly strong. However, there is one particular weather that could ruin your metal roof, and that is severe hail. This is a common problem mostly seen with aluminum and copper roofs, in that they could develop dents if the hail is golf-ball sized. But, this shouldn't deter you from installing metal roofs as long as you have insurance coverage for such catastrophes.

A Professional Roofer Must Do Installations

Some homeowners will attempt to install their roof alone, but this rarely ends well. For instance, when dealing with metal roofs, you can only find them in selected stores. Additionally, metal roofs require adept knowledge and skills on the material, which only a qualified roofer has. Therefore if you go ahead and push on with DIY installations, you risk making costly mistakes. Besides, do not forget that you need help selecting the right material and color. For these reasons, it is advisable to hire a metal roofer.

Once you understand metal roofing, you can comfortably install one in your home based on your knowledge and help from an expert metal roofer. 

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