Can Wind And Heavy Rainfall Damage Your Commercial Roof? 4 Guidelines On Repair

Posted on: 30 June 2022


Different weather elements will damage your commercial roofs differently. For example, the impact of UV rays on your premise will differ from what a heavy downpour will achieve. Have someone inspect your commercial roof system at least once annually to help figure out whether it might have suffered irreparable damages. Here are ways that wind and a heavy downpour will impact your roof. 

Wind Blows Debris Across the Roof 

It is crucial to understand the impact that high-speed winds might have on your commercial roof. For example, as the wind blows, it picks up small rocks, sticks, branches, and other debris. It then hurls them across the roof, causing abrasions, which lead to eventual damage. You should have an expert inspect your roof for dents after a windstorm. 

Wind Stresses the Membranes and Flashing

It is also important to note that wind also causes damage to the roof membranes and flashing. The flashing and membranes coat the roof deck and protect it from the harsh weather. However, their design is thin and easily affected by the wind, and the stress makes the membranes form creases or other damages. When weaknesses affect the roof membranes, you should expect the roof to start leaking. Immediate repairs will save your commercial building from water damage. 

The Roof Might Blow Off

Sometimes the wind speed is high enough to blow the entire roof off. This often happens when the installation does not account for the area's potential wind speeds and the wind's potential to harm the area. The ideal roof materials to help you avoid this include modified bitumen, built-up roofs, and rubber membrane roofs. 

Rainwater Will Lead to Leaks

It is also important to keep assessing the roof condition during rainy weather. Flat roofs with poor drainage will suffer more water damage than other roof types and designs. You can call a roofing contractor to assess the current status of your roof's drainage and let you know if they can make any improvements to aid drainage. Also, you should ensure that the gutters are working well because they are the ideal way to lead rainwater away from your building and prevent costly structural damage.

Regular inspections are the best way to keep your commercial roof in its perfect state. Speak to a local commercial roofing company, such as Georgia Restoration Company, about inspecting your roof to determine whether it needs repairs or a replacement. With their help, you can optimize the longevity of your investment.