Choosing PVC Roofing Systems for Your Building

Posted on: 31 March 2022


PVC roofing systems can be an effective option for commercial and residential properties. However, this is a somewhat new style of roofing that may not be as common as asphalt shingles or stone tile, and this can lead to individuals lacking a general awareness of some of the reasons that they should consider this type of roofing system.

PVC Roofing Has a High Resistance to Fire

Fire resistance is a factor that should weigh into your choices for the building materials that are being used. Unfortunately, the roof can be the part of a structure that may be especially prone to fire damage. This can be the result of burning embers from wildfires, bonfires, and even grilling to land on the roof. If this were to occur, some roofing materials can be more prone than others to ignite. Luckily, PVC roofing is one of the more fire-resistant options, which can make it less likely to ignite as a result of an errant ember landing on it.

PVC Roofing Can Be Well Suited for Homes in Cold Climates

PVC roofing can be an extremely energy-efficient option due to being resistant to heat transfer, and it can have insulation on the underside of the PVC panels that will further reduce the amount of heat that is lost during the winter. This material is also extremely resistant to prolonged moisture exposure, which can be useful for buildings that will have snow on the roof for long periods of time during the winter months. Lastly, these roofing systems can be easily integrated with ice melting systems that can prevent these large accumulations from forming.

PVC Roofing Systems Are Less Prone to Suffering Leaks

Leak prevention and mitigation is another benefit that can come from having PVC roofing systems. The minimal risk of leaks forming is partially a result of the way that this type of roofing is installed. The seams between the various PVC panels will be welded together. This can drastically reduce the risk of moisture being able to seep between the seams. Luckily, a PVC roofing installation service will have tools that can allow them to quickly seal the sections of PVC together so that the amount of time installing this roof requires will be kept to a minimum. While this roofing system may take more time to install than other roofing systems, its extremely long lifespan can allow you to potentially avoid the need to replace the roof for many years longer than shingles.

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