4 Instances to Call a Residential Roofing Services Provider

Posted on: 8 December 2021


Your home's roofing is an essential part of your structure because it offers shelter and safety. With a good roof, you and your loved ones are protected from environmental elements for several decades. 

Unfortunately, most people enjoy the protection and forget that the roof needs some care throughout the years. If maintenance and repairs aren't done at the right time, the roofing materials will deteriorate fast, and you'll be forced to replace the entire roof. 

The only way to avoid such a costly project is to know when to seek residential roofing services for repairs or general maintenance. This post shares critical signs that you need to contact a roofing contractor.

1. Old Roof

Even if you used quality materials to construct your roofing, you would need to replace them after several decades. Seeking residential roofing services from the start can help you get the best roofing materials for the project. The roofing contractor will also ensure the work is appropriately done to last longer than the old one.

2. Loose Nails

Exposed, missing, or loose nails don't provide adequate support for the shingles. This means the shingles can easily get damaged or go missing if you experience a storm or strong winds, leaving your home exposed to different elements. 

Also, loose or missing nails provide a pathway for precipitation to penetrate the roof. This will cause water damage which leads to structural damage and mold growth. Due to this, it's vital to ensure you don't have unfastened or missing nails. Getting a contractor to inspect and maintain the roofing will help.

3. Sagging Roof

A sagging roofline is not only displeasing to the eye, but also a sign of a more serious issue. It's the primary symptom of roofing with compromised structural integrity, and the main culprit could be roof encumbering or water damage. 

Sometimes roofs also sag because the foundation is sinking, meaning the entire structure isn't safe. Make sure you call a roofing contractor immediately when you notice the roof is sagging.

4. Increasing Cooling/Heating Expenses

Many factors can cause your home's cooling and heating expenses to reduce or increase over time. If your home's roofing is compromised and you have issues like damaged siding or poor insulation, the HVAC bill will increase significantly. Thus, if the bill increases and the cost of fuel hasn't changed considerably, consider getting a roofing contractor to examine your roofing system. The chances are that the roofing is damaged and releasing the cool or warm air into the environment.

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