4 Benefits Of Applying A Silicone Roof Coating Layer To Your Commercial Roof

Posted on: 8 November 2021


If you want to get more usage out of your commercial roof, you will want to consider applying a coating to your roof. One of the best types of coating to apply is silicone coating. It can provide you with a range of benefits that are more than worth considering.

Benefit #1: Save Money

One of the most significant benefits of applying a silicone coating on your existing commercial roof is saving money. Using a silicone coating is an affordable way to protect the underlying structure and get many more years of usage out of your commercial roof without paying for a total replacement.

If you don't have money for a total replacement, this is a great alternative to consider. When applied on top of a strong base, the silicone coating is an affordable way to upgrade or replace your roof without dealing with tear-off costs or installing more expensive roofing materials.

Benefit #2: Long-Lasting

Adding a silicone coating to the top of your existing commercial roof structure isn't a short-term solution; it is made to last for the long term. A silicone-coated roof can add years of usability to your roof.

Silicone is a solid material that is made to resist a wide range of environmental conditions. It can handle excessive rain, ice, and snow. It can handle strong windstorms and intense sunlight. Ultraviolet rays are not going to break it down like other roofing materials.  

Silicone can handle debris landing on it. It is made to withstand all the environmental damage that it will encounter over the years.

Benefit #3: Energy Saving

One of the biggest expenses with a commercial building is energy costs. A silicone roof coating can help with your energy costs. Not only can a silicone roof handle exposure to UV rays without breaking down, but it can also protect your building from the UV rays and the heat that they bring with them.

A silicone coating system can help keep your building cooler, which can help you save on heating costs. It is also an excellent insulator, so you will not lose heat out of the top in the winter either, affording year-round energy-saving benefits.

Benefit #4: Tax Savings

Finally, adding a silicone coating to your commercial roof qualifies as roof maintenance, so you can deduct the cost of applying the coating directly from your taxes all at once. You don't have to amortize it on your taxes over time; you can deduct it all at once, the same year you install it, allowing for maximum tax savings.

Applying a silicone coating on top of your existing commercial roof structure is a great way to extend the life of your roof, saving money on roofing costs. Silicone is excellent at reflecting away sunlight and is also a good insulator, helping to lower your energy costs. Additionally, a silicone coating is considered roof maintenance, not a new roof, so you can deduct the total cost of your coating from your taxes the year it is applied.

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