4 Reasons Gutter Guards Make Sense For Your Home

Posted on: 1 November 2021


Getting up on a ladder to clean out your gutters can be a strenuous and labor-intensive task. It is not a task that most people want to take on, which is where gutter guards come into place. Gutter guards go over the top of your gutters, with the primary purpose of keeping debris out and only allowing water into your gutters. There are many reasons why this upgrade to your home is worth the investment.

1. Save Time

One of the biggest reasons to invest in gutter guards is because they will save you time over the long run. Debris will no longer accumulate inside your gutters, and you will no longer have to feel like you are going on a treasure hunt when you have to clean them out.

With a gutter guard, you will not have to clean them nearly as often. When you clean things up, you will just have to wipe or sweep away the debris on top of the guard, which is much easier to accomplish than scooping it out of the actual gutter. This will help reduce the time you spend taking care of your roof each year.

2. Reduce Ice Dams

If you tend to end up with ice dams, where water is frozen flowing over the edge of your roof and gutters, that is because water isn't properly moving inside of your gutters. This happens when debris builds up inside and prevents the proper flow of water. With guards in place, this will not happen, as water will be able to go through the guard to the gutters and flow out through your drainage system.

3. Protect Against Fires

If wildfires are an issue in your area, gutter guards are another form of defense that you can use to protect your home. When a wildfire is occurring, embers can be carried far and wide and can end up coming into contact with the dry material inside of your gutters that has just been sitting there and can create a fire. With guard guards, dry material will not just sit there. They are designed so that material blows off them over time, leaving less dry material sitting around that an ember ignites.

4. Prevent Corrosion

When wet leaves and debris sit in your gutters, it doesn't only stop the flow of water; it can also damage your gutters. All of that web debris can cause corrosion and rust to develop on the inside of your gutters, damaging their integrity. With guards in place, you will be able to prevent rust and corrosion from damaging your gutters. 

Gutter guards can protect your gutters from corrosion and ice dams, protect your home against fires, and save you time. They are a worthwhile upgrade to make to your home. Learn more by contacting companies like Gutter Shutter SE WI.