Two Options In Commercial Roofing When Your Building Has A Mixed Roof

Posted on: 28 October 2021


If your commercial building has a mixed roof shape, such as a steep slope on the front and a flat roof on top, you may wonder about the best type of roofing materials to have applied. You may need to mix materials since some roofing isn't suitable for flat roofs. Here's a look at two options to consider for protecting your roof from leaks and to give your building the best appearance from the street.

1. A Mix Of Shingles And Membrane Roofing

While you can't put asphalt shingles on a flat roof, they are a good option for parts of your roof that have a steep slope. Asphalt shingle roofing is one of the more affordable types of roofing, and that helps keep costs low. Shingles are also common and attractive, so they are a good match for most types of commercial buildings that have a steep slope.

Your roof has to be treated like two separate roofs in that the flat portion needs something other than shingles. The commercial roofing contractor has to take great care to join the two types of roofing carefully to prevent leaks in the area of the transition.

Membrane roofing might be a good choice for the flat area of your roof. You might choose rubber or PVC membrane roofing. You could choose a white membrane to help keep your building cooler in the summer, or you might want a black membrane that matches the asphalt shingles better. Membrane roofing is also a good choice if you'll put HVAC equipment on your roof or if the roof will get occasional foot traffic.

2. Metal Roofing

Flat roofs aren't usually completely flat. It's necessary to have a slight slope so rain drains toward the gutters. Metal roofing is sometimes suitable for commercial roofs that have a slight slope. The advantage of choosing metal is that your entire roof will have a uniform appearance. Metal gives the sloped area a nice look so your building is attractive from the street.

Metal provides excellent protection from strong wind, hail, punctures, and fire when it's installed on the flat part of your roof. Metal can also give the flat area an attractive appearance when seen from a taller building that overlooks your roof. Metal commercial roofing comes in several colors, so you can choose a blue, red, or green roof if the colors match the architecture of your building or your company colors.

Besides these choices, your commercial roofing contractor might talk to you about built-up roofing or spray foam for the flat portion and clay or concrete tiles for the sloped part. Consider cost and maintenance requirements when choosing the right roofing materials for your mixed roof building.

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