4 Steps Residential Roofing Services Follow When Replacing Your Roof

Posted on: 20 October 2021


A professionally installed and maintained roof protects your home for years without exposing your belongings to the elements. But nature has a way of degrading this most critical home covering. If you notice wear and tear on sections or the entire roof, you must engage residential roofing services to inspect and handle the replacement.

If a roof inspection justifies the need to replace the roof, you must observe appropriate preparation steps. Indeed, the steps you take determine the integrity and performance of the new roof. It's essential to work with an experienced residential roofing construction company. They procure materials affordably and guarantee lengthy warranties to protect your investment. Here are steps residential roofing services follow during a roof replacement project.

Initial Consultation And Assessment

Even though your home deserves a roof replacement, you can't start such a project blindly. This is where residential roofing contractors offer consultations regarding the roof overhaul. Skilled roofers inspect your system to identify problems with the existing roof. Their findings determine the best course of action and the kind of budget you'll need. It would help if you prioritized roofing contractors who insist on a site inspection before the project commences.

Home Preparation And Shielding

Indeed, a roof overhaul disrupts activities and settings around your home. As such, residential roofing services help you prepare and safeguard your property. Often, contractors use tarping to secure your landscape, siding, and home. Tarping prevents the elements from damaging the exposed structure and protects flowers from falling debris or shingles.

Old Roofing Removal

Roof installation starts after the old one gets out of the way. After tearing the depreciated shingles or metal panels, the crew examines the wood for defects or structural weakness. It's pointless to install new materials above the old layer. Examining the under layer allows you to fix wood problems and reinforces the base. Also, tearing old materials allows the contractor to fix the drip edge, runoff, and ice shield.

Actual Installation

After securing the plywood sheeting, the contractors lay new roofing materials. Experienced residential roofing services systematically install materials from one end while paying special attention to sensitive areas. They pay particular attention to the ridge capping, flashing vents, and valleys. Afterward, they check their craft and verify project and manufacturer warranties where needed. 


After completing the project, your home is likely to be a big mess. Luckily, credible residential roofing services provide comprehensive cleaning. This restores the order around your property and saves you money. Before you sign the roof replacement contract, ensure that you and the service provider agree to site cleanup. Look for a local residential roofing service for assistance.