6 Roofing Problems Homeowners Should Expect To Encounter

Posted on: 27 August 2021


As a homeowner, it's advisable to expect and make adequate preparations to tackle common roofing problems. These problems, ranging from leaks and water stains to escalating energy bills and house foundation problems, give many property owners sleepless nights. Below are numerous roofing issues that every homeowner should watch out for and call roof repair services when they manifest.

Common Roofing Problems

Get professional roof repair services when you notice any of the following problems:

1. Leaks

Your roof should protect you during harsh weather, including rainfall. If it lets water in and you notice a leak, you have a problem that requires urgent expert fixing. In most cases, you will find leaks where shingles are damaged — close to the gutters and vents — and at flashing points. Inspect these areas regularly to ensure leaks do not go unnoticed.

2. Shrink-related damage

A shrinking roof tends to pull the flashings on curbs and walls. That, in turn, creates pressure that causes tears and cracks. These are among the most notorious factors that contribute to a leaky roof. To prevent this problem, talk to a reputable roofing contractor about roofing materials that can withstand shrinkage.

3. Water pools

Water pools on your roof may not cause problems immediately, but in the long run, they will damage it by encouraging algae growth and eroding the roofing materials. That is why pooling water should be a significant cause for concern, especially in homes with flat roofs. If you notice this problem, call a professional to examine and fix any structural, sloping, or drainage issues.

4. Holes

Discernible holes and punctures on your roof are apparent indicators of roof damage. These holes are often caused by corrosion, wild animals, insects, and birds that incessantly drill and puncture your roof. If that continues for an extended period, other parts of your home will get exposed to leaks and the issues that follow, including extensive rot and mold populations.

5. Cracks, ridges, and blisters

As your roof continues to take everything Mother Nature has to throw at it, the materials will eventually crack and blister. And, since climbing your roof to check for such problems is highly inadvisable for safety reasons, the best thing to do is call a trained inspector to check for them from time to time.

Call in an Experienced Roofer

Roofing problems demand professional inspection and repair. If you attempt to fix them on your own, it's more likely you will do a substandard job and end up with the same, or even worse, problems. But an experienced roofer will come with the skills, gear, and materials needed to execute flawless repairs and guarantee long-lasting solutions. Contact a residential roofing service to learn more.