Factors Affecting Cost Of A Residential Roof Replacement

Posted on: 17 August 2021


When your roofing becomes old or completely damaged, you may need a roof replacement. However, for you to successfully install a new roof, you need to plan your finances. Therefore, you need to estimate the cost of the new roofing. To achieve this, here are the factors affecting the cost of a new residential roof installation.

Junk Elimination Costs

When you demolish your old roofing to make way for the new one, there's a lot of junk production. You'll need to eliminate the old roof components, which involves hiring a junk removal service. The service will help you safely and effectively load all the junk in the garbage truck and transport the junk to the intended disposal site.

Keep in mind that every junk elimination company offers special rates, and the charges may vary. Also, the size of the dumpster you want and the distance the professionals will cover to reach your home or dumping site influences the cost of junk removal. Hence, hire an affordable trash elimination service to handle the wastes generated during roof replacement.

Roofing Contractor Rates

Every roof replacement company incurs operating costs that they must cover when charging their customers for the business to remain afloat. Therefore, the choice of the roofing contractor will affect your roofing replacement project. For instance, roof contractors have to pay for insurance, equipment, and transport. All these expenses feature in their pricing terms.

Therefore, you need to work with affordable roof replacement services. You should research the market for affordable services or get recommendations from trusted sources.

Roof Access

Your roof's access matters since the roofing professionals need to reach the roof to begin the replacement work. If accessing your roof proves difficult, the roofing contractors may need special equipment, such as cranes, to lift the workers to the roof and carry the torn-off roof materials. That means more expenses for the equipment and time consumed. In such cases, your roof replacement project may cost more than a roof that is easily accessible.

Number of Roof Penetrations

Roof penetrations include chimneys, skylight features, and gas or plumbing venting systems. A roof with many penetrations will probably require more time and labor when performing roof replacement. That's because roofers need to ensure that the penetrations remain intact, which means taking extra caution and paying extra attention to the details. Thus, be ready to pay a little more for your new roofing if you have many penetrations.

Junk elimination costs, roofing contractor rates, number of roof penetrations, and roof access affect roof replacement costs. Consider these factors if you want an accurate estimate of your new roof.