Reasons To Consider Replacing Your Home's Asphalt Shingle Roof

Posted on: 9 August 2021


Many different types of roofing materials are available for American homes, but asphalt shingles remain the most popular choice for American homeowners. This is primarily because they work well in nearly all environmental conditions.

That said, asphalt shingle roofs have a limited lifespan. Like other roof types, they suffer wear and tear from daily exposure to the outside elements and will need to be replaced someday. If your existing home's roof is built with asphalt shingles, you should look out for signs of a failing or deteriorating roof. This way, you can know when to repair or replace your roof.

While most asphalt shingle roof problems can be effectively addressed by undertaking the appropriate residential roof repairs, others demand a complete roof replacement. If you have the following problems with your asphalt shingle roof, you should start thinking about a roof replacement. 

An Aging Roof

If your asphalt shingle roof was installed and ventilated properly, it should last about 20 years as long as it isn't negatively impacted by strong winds, hail, snow, and other extreme weather conditions.

If the roof has a few years of service remaining, you should start considering getting it replaced. If you're contemplating replacing your asphalt shingle roof with the same roofing material, consider using more durable asphalt shingles. 

Thanks to advances in roof manufacturing technology, you can choose metal or other materials that are made to last longer than two decades.

Storm Damage

As aforementioned, extreme weather events can shorten the life of your asphalt shingle roof. If your residential roof has suffered storm damage recently, you'll need to ask a roofing expert to assess the damage and recommend the appropriate corrective action.

If your roof is so badly damaged that it can't be effectively repaired, a roof replacement may be inevitable.

Eroding Shingles

As the years go by, your roof shingles will suffer granular loss from the constant battering by the outside elements. This phenomenon is referred to as shingle erosion. The process is irreversible and signals that your roof is quickly approaching the end of its useful life.

If you notice bald patches when you view your roof from the ground, it's a good idea to begin planning for a new roof.

A roof replacement can be an expensive project, so you'll want to get the most out of your current roof before getting it replaced. A roofing company can inspect your asphalt shingle roof and help you determine whether you require a roof repair or a roof replacement. 

Talk to a residential roofing service to learn more.