Building Restorations With Roof Replacements After Storms Cause Severe Damage

Posted on: 5 August 2021


How can building restoration services help when storms and other factors have damaged your home? Hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, and wind can all cause property damage that you have to be prepared for. While insurance companies are ready to step in in this case, it is also important to look into hiring professional building restoration services to get your property restored faster.

Assessing Building Damage

The damage to buildings might include the roof, structural issues, and problems with interior damage. The first area you will need to inspect for damage is the roof, which may be completely missing or only has isolated areas that have been affected. There might also be damage to the interior and structural components of a building. All these areas need to be assessed to determine the repairs that are needed and get an estimate on the restoration costs.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Even though you are planning on hiring a building restoration service, there may be issues with your roof that need to be addressed now. Therefore, you might also need emergency repairs or services to ensure it is protected. Minor problems with damage can be temporarily repaired until your roof can be replaced to ensure your property is protected from weather and leaks. If the damage is extensive, the restoration service might install a tarp to cover and protect the damaged area of the building. Tarps are used when quick temporary repairs are not possible due to severe and extensive damage to the roof.

Roof Replacement

Before work on the interior of the building can begin, you might want to have the roof replacement done. Often, the damage to roofs after a storm is extensive. This means that repairing and patching the damaged area may not be the best solution. Ask your building restoration service for an estimate for a complete roof replacement. Replacing the roof will ensure all the materials are new and your property is protected from the elements once the restoration work has been completed.

Addressing Interior Damage

The damage to the interior is another problem that a professional building restoration service will be able to help with. Often, these issues are minor problems with water damage and finishes, like drywall that needs to be replaced. The restoration service will evaluate the damage to the interior and help with repairing these issues. They can also inspect mechanical systems and look for other problems that are going to need to be repaired during the restoration process.

Severe damage after storms is never fun to deal with, but you can rest assured that there is help out there. Contact a local building restoration contractor, such as Zees Roofing and Construction, for more information.