Should You Leave Your House During Re-Roofing?

Posted on: 2 August 2021


The decision is up to you, but the safest option is to give the contractor space to work. Like most homeowners, you'll want to stay to supervise and monitor progress. However, your contractor will recommend that you leave. Here is why: 

Roofing Projects Are Noisy 

If your roof has another layer of shingles, the roofing contractor will need to remove the extra layer. They'll then add another layer, all of which will involve a lot of hitting and unhinging nails or fasteners. 

Even someone who is accustomed to noise will find the constant banging irritating. Also, keep in mind that you'll have several workers on your property walking around, working, and talking, and it will get on your nerves. To avoid the constant irritation, allow the roofing contractor space to complete re-roofing your house. 

Debris Might Fall on Your Car

It's safe to park your car elsewhere during roofing projects. Remember, you'll have roofers on your garage roof working. You expect that some debris, nails, tools, or weak support structures will fall down. 

If you park your car in the garage during the project, you'll probably have some damage to deal with. It's not guaranteed that you'll have debris falling onto your car, but for safety, park your car elsewhere. 

Unexpected Delays

In theory, a re-roofing project should be complete in a few days. But in reality, the delivery timeline can be affected by the weather and major structural damage. For example, during re-roofing the contractor may find your roof has structural issues attributed to water damage, dry rot, or termite damage. 

They'll halt re-roofing to fix the problem. You can't cover structural issues by slapping another layer on top. The contractor will need to address the problem, take out part of the existing roof, and replace it with another before they can add the new roof.  All this will cause delays, and for a few hours, you'll probably have a gaping hole in your roof. 

Think of Your Pets and Kids 

Although kids will enjoy running around the compound helping the re-roofing crew, it's better you take them elsewhere. The site will probably have nails, debris, tools, and other roofing materials on the ground. These can hurt your kids and pets. 

Also, the noise will distract and might cause discomfort for your kids and pets. Does your dog enjoy thunderstorms and fireworks? If not, find a quieter place to stay as the work on your roof is completed. 

For more tips, contact a local roofing service.