3 Reasons To Consider A Metal Roof

Posted on: 26 July 2021


Whether you are considering the roof for a new home construction or are replacing an existing roof, the type of roof you choose will be a major decision that will affect your home for decades to come. Metal roofs are a good option because they have several advantages over other common materials.


Metal roofs are probably the most durable roof you can have. Although the upfront costs associated with a metal roof can be more than other types of roofs, the average metal roof may last for 50 or more years, making it a better investment. Although the durability of your roof is important regardless of location, it may be especially important if you live in areas with harsher weather conditions. Homeowners who live in areas with an increased risk of violent weather conditions, such as severe thunderstorms with strong wind, rain, and hail, will appreciate the ability of their metal roofs to hold up in these conditions.

Strong wind, whether it is a result of severe thunderstorms or tropical systems, is known to make its way under tiles and other types of roofs and cause the roof to peel back. Metal roofs are installed in such a way that it is difficult for wind or rain to seep under the sheets of metal. Hail can also cause substantial roof damage, braking tiles, shingles, and making dents or holes in different types of roofs. Although metal roofs can become dented by hail, this is usually the worst of the damage and should not compromise the integrity of the roof.

Efficiency And Safety

Efficiency is another important consideration when choosing a new roof and metal roofs are often considered more efficient. Metal reflects sun rays, which prevents your roof from absorbing heat that can transfer into your home, further increasing your utility bills in the warmer months. People who live in areas with significant winter precipitation, such as ice and snow, generally prefer metal roofs because of their ability to minimize the amount of frozen precipitation on the roof. The pitch of your roof will also affect how well precipitation slides off the roof, with roofs with a higher pitch being less inclined to collect moisture. When your roof is installed, your contractor will take into consideration the best pitch for your roof.

When less rain collects on the roof, during colder weather, there is less chance of it turning into ice. Due to the ability for the roof to reflect heat, snow and ice buildup is also less than would occur with other types of roofs. When frozen precipitation does not build up, it prevents less weight from accumulating on the roof which can cause a structural problem. It is also less dangerous since large amounts of snow and ice can slide off the roof and injure people or cause damage to property in the way, such as automobiles.


Most people do not think of metal roofs as a stylish addition to their home, but with so many colors and types of metals they can add some eye-catching flair to the look of your home. One way to make your metal roof look more appealing is to have it painted. In addition to selecting a different color, some colors also have efficiency advantages. For example, if you want to retain the properties of reflecting heat, you would use a light color, whereas selecting a darker color would absorb more heat. Lighter colors are much better for warmer climates with harsh summers, whereas dark colors would be appropriate for areas with harsh winters.

Metal roofs can be made using different types of metals and different configurations to look more aesthetically pleasing. Some people choose copper roofs because the bright color stands out and is likely rare in the area. Copper can develop a green patina over time, which some people find adds character. Coated steel can be an option and the coating gives it a resemblance to wooden shakes. Metal roofs can be created in vertical panels, diamond shapes, and shingles to give visual and tactile texture to the roof.

Metal roofs have numerous benefits and significant diversity in their aesthetic value. Although metal roofs are considered a significant investment over other materials, the benefits can make them a worthwhile investment. Contact a metal roofing contractor to learn more.