Just Closed On A First Home? Residential Roofing Information You Need To Know

Posted on: 15 July 2021


Closing on the purchase of a first home is one of life's proudest moments. But once the excitement is over, most first-time homeowners admit to feeling some apprehension about the responsibility they have just taken on. In addition to paying the mortgage, utilities, insurance premiums, taxes, and other recurring costs of home ownership, first-time homeowners also become responsible for repairing and maintaining the home, which can be quite costly. 

The cost to repair, maintain, and periodically replace the home's roof is an excellent example of an ownership responsibility that can make new homeowners experience feelings of apprehension. Luckily, first-time homeowners can use the following information to help them take proactive steps to keep their home's roof in good condition and help postpone costly repairs. 

Keep the surface of the roof clean

If leaves, dirt, or debris of any type is allowed to build up on the surface of roofing shingles and other types of residential roofing projects, damage can quickly result. As layers of dirt and debris accumulate, moisture is trapped, causing the layers to heat up, much like the layers of organic materials in a compost bin. If not removed, the accumulated debris can begin to degrade the roof's surface and cause leaks to form.

Make sure gutters are clean and working properly

Homeowners will also want to check their gutters and downspouts regularly to make sure they are clean and functioning properly. When gutters become clogged or fall into disrepair, they can contribute to roof damage by allowing damaging ice dams to form along the edges of the roof during freezing conditions. 

Look for trees or limbs that can pose a danger to the house

Another proactive tip first-time homeowners can use to prolong their roof's lifespan is to be watchful for trees that grow too close to their house. In windy or stormy conditions, close-growing trees can rub or brush against the surface of the roof, damaging the roofing materials and causing the roof to become more likely to leak. 

Schedule an annual roofing inspection 

New homeowners who want to keep their roof in good repair and prolong its lifespan for as long as possible should consider scheduling an annual inspection by a reputable residential roofing contractor. In addition to helping homeowners stay apprised of their roof's actual condition, annual inspection appointments can help homeowners to learn more about general roof care and maintenance. 

Contact a residential roofing company to learn more.