5 Considerations for Choosing Seamless Gutters

Posted on: 24 June 2021


Seamless gutters are custom fit to your home so there are fewer seams, which means less chance of leaks. There are several options to consider when installing seamless gutters.

1. Style

There are two main style options for seamless gutters. K-style gutters are the most common. These have a flat back and bottom with a decorative front that resembles crown molding. They attach flush to the roof eaves to provide a seamless look that complements the edge of the roof. Half-round gutters, on the other hand, resemble a pipe that has been cut in half. These gutters are quick to shape and attach, but they do not integrate as cleanly into the roof edge design as K-style gutters.

2. Depth and Volume

Gutters can come in various depths and even widths, which determines how much water they can hold at one time. Steeper roofs in areas with heavy rainfall typically need a greater volume so that they can route away the fast-flowing water instead of letting it overflow. Less depth and volume may be necessary if you live in a drier climate or have a lower sloped roof.

3. Attachment Types

There are a few different styles of gutter clips, all with benefits and drawbacks. All are screwed into the roof eaves where they then either clip around the back of the gutter, clip inside the gutter trough, or the gutter is screwed into the clip. Those that clip around the back of the gutter tend to be secure and have the fewest issues, although they can come loose over time. Trough clips are less likely to come loose, but they can catch leaves and debris flowing down the gutter. Screw-through brackets won't come loose, but there is a higher likelihood of leaks at the screw site.

4. Color

Gutter color is typically chosen to complement the siding and roof of the home. Seamless gutters typically come in prepainted lengths, so you will have a limited choice of colors, most of them tending neutral. You can also opt to have the gutters custom painted to the color you desire, but keep in mind this can increase the cost and the installation time.

5. Leaf Protection

Your final decision will be whether to install leaf protectors, also known as gutter guards, over the top of the gutters. These devices allow water to drain through but keep out most of the debris that can clog a gutter. They don't completely eradicate the need to clean the gutters, but they can reduce blockage issues, particularly on homes with lots of overhanging tree branches.

Contact a seamless gutter installation service, such as BK Roofing & Seamless Gutters, for more help.