Roofer: 3 Ways To Keep Your Roof Protective And Functional For Decades

Posted on: 15 June 2021


A house without a sound roof or one whose roof is damaged can't protect you from harsh weather elements like snow, rain, or even scorching sun. Of course, when installing a roof, everyone wants to invest their money in the right materials. But even after a successful roof installation, you still need to take good care of the roof if it's going to be protective and functional. Sadly, many homeowners overlook the maintenance aspect or even hire inexperienced individuals to maintain it. 

For this reason, they end up with endless roofing problems that eventually compel them to replace the roof before it has served them half its life. Where possible, always let a professional roofer help maintain your roof so that it can remain in top condition for many years. And since you would not want to replace your roof only a few years after installing it, here are roof maintenance tips worth your attention.

Get Roof Inspection Services

An annual roof inspection will help you notice any problem that the roof might have developed. During the inspection, the roofer will inspect the condition of your shingles to see if any of them is loose or missing. In addition, they will check if the shingles are curling, cracked, or have mold growth. Once they spot a roofing problem, they will assess if it's severe or whether it's something that repairs can help fix. As such, take professional roof inspections seriously because they help enhance the roof's condition and functionality.

Keep Your Roof Clean

Like any other part of your house, your roof is exposed to dust and other dirt elements. Dust will interfere with the roof's appearance as it covers the paint and surface that make it look appealing. If you don't regularly get an expert to clean the roof, it will look dirty with long dark lines running from the top to the bottom. Don't ignore those dark lines because they are a sign of algae growth. If the roof is not cleaned, the algae will weaken the shingles and cause them to rot.  

Keep an Eye on the Gutters

Proper maintenance of your gutters is paramount in avoiding serious damage to your roof. Leaves, flowers, tiny branches, and other debris are among the elements that usually block your gutters, compromising their drainage aspect. Clogged gutters allow water to gather on the roof and settle beneath the shingles. This creates a good environment for mold and decay that contribute to serious roof damage. 

You may not know the extent to which storms, humidity, and wind affect the integrity of your roof. However, simple maintenance tips such as those mentioned above can help you have a sound roof for years. Just ensure you get a roofer to inspect your roof once in a while and recommend the roof repairs they need to carry out. Contact a roofer for more information.