When to Consider Re-Roofing

Posted on: 14 June 2021


When you decide to become a homeowner, you have to ensure that the property you acquire remains up to code. Your home will require routine maintenance for it to protect you from harsh outdoor weather conditions. Since the roof is your home's main defense from rainwater and the scorching sun, you should spare no expense in securing its durability.

While routine roofing maintenance prolongs the life of your roof, the material cannot last forever. You should know when to invest in a new roof so you don't spend a lot of money maintaining a roof that has outlived its usefulness. Undertaking a timely re-roofing project enables you to continue enjoying the security and comfort of a functional roofing system. Here are signs it's time to contact a re-roofing company for a roofing system upgrade.

When You Find Shingle Granules in Your Gutter

Shingle manufacturers add granules on the roofing material's surfaces as a protection against UV rays. Over time, the continuous exposure to the elements causes this protective layer to come loose. As a result, rainwater washes away the shingle granules which accumulate in your gutter. This is a clear sign that your roofing system has seen better days, and it might be time to start saving for a roof replacement.

The more shingle granules get cast off, the more vulnerable your roof will be to the elements. After a time, the asphalt layer of your shingles will begin peeking through the granule coating. So lay the plans for a re-roofing project with a professional roofer before your roofing system reaches the end of its life.

When Your Roofing System is Old

When you have had your roofing system for years, it's important to schedule regular professional inspections to check that it can still provide your house with complete coverage from the elements. If not, your roofer will recommend a suitable roofing upgrade for your house.

When Your Roofing Experiences Severe Leaks

Many homeowners assume that roof leakage is a minor roofing issue that can easily be fixed by patching the roof. However, your roof might have serious damages that a roofing repair cannot address.

These three manifestations are signs your roofing system might have a severe leak:

  • Beams of light in the attic- When your roof has holes big enough to let in beams of light from the sun, the best way to remedy the problem is to replace the entire roof.
  • Large water stains on the ceiling- The size of a water stain indicates the severity of your roof leakage problem. Replace your roof to protect your ceiling from further water damage.

If your roof meets one of the criteria discussed above, this may be your cue to start planning for a  replacement roof. Liaise with a trusted re-roofing company for a new roofing system.