Recently Had A Hail Storm? Know How To Look For Hail Damage

Posted on: 1 June 2021


Did a hail storm recently pass through your area? If so, you're likely wondering if the hail caused any damage to your roof. Here are some things to look for to tell if you have hail damage that should be a reason to be concerned. 

Look For Missing Granules

You can start inspecting your roof before you even set foot on it. Once you have the ladder propped up against the gutters, climb up and take a look at what is inside those gutters. Does it look like you have small pieces of roof granules stuck in the gutter? These will only be collecting in your gutter if the hail managed to knock them loose off the shingles. It's then worth looking at the shingles themselves to tell if they are looking a bit bare in places. You may need to replace those shingles that have seen better days and are missing a lot of granules. 

Look For Indentations

It is possible that the hail made contact with the roof and the granules are intact, but there are now small indentations in the shingles. Indentations can be hard to notice from the ground, so you definitely want to get on the roof and take a close look at the roofing material. You may notice spots that are a bit darker than the rest of the shingle from a distance, and on closer inspection notice that the shingle is indented. The asphalt in this area will likely start to deteriorate faster than the rest of the roofing material, so pay close attention to these areas.

Look For Damaged Vents

If you have metal vent covers on your roof, you can check for indentations to see how bad the hail hit the surface. You can likely rub your hands over the metal vent cover and feel the dents since they will be easy to feel just using your hands. Another trick is to rub chalk on the vent since it will expose the uneven parts where it is indented. The chalk will then wash off with the next rainfall. 

Look For Broken Seals

The impact from hail is strong enough to cause the singles to lose their seal with the shingles underneath. If you see any shingles that are moving in the wind, that bottom seal of tar may have loosened from the hail. Make sure to take a close look at those shingles to see how bad the damage is. 

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