The Chimney Cleaning Guide To Fireplace Maintenance During The Warm Months

Posted on: 25 May 2021


The weather is getting warmer, and you may have begun to forget about your fireplace and chimney. Even though you don't have a fire going in your home, there is still some maintenance and upkeep that needs to be done. The following guide will help you with the maintenance and chimney cleaning that needs to be done during the warmer weather.

Cleaning the Soot from the Chimney

Soot buildup in your chimney creates a fire hazard that gets worse over time. If it is left to dry over the summer, it can lead to the chimney catching on fire when you start using the fireplace again. Therefore, you should have your chimney cleaned as soon as you stop using your fireplace to ensure there are not any fire hazards when you start using it again.

Removing Ashes and Cleaning the Fireplace

Inside your fireplace, there is some cleaning that needs to be done too. The fireplace needs to have all the ashes removed, and the hearth needs to be cleaned. A chimney cleaning service can help with a thorough cleaning of the fireplace to ensure it is clean. This will also help reduce the dust and airborne particles that get into your home from the ashes left in the fireplace. The deep cleaning of the fireplace hearth will also help to keep it looking attractive and new.

Inspecting the Fireplace Damper and Flue Pipe

The fireplace damper and your flue pipe may have worn some over the winter months. Thus, they need to be inspected when you have your chimney cleaned to prepare it for summer. If the chimney needs any repairs, you will have more time to have them completed before you need your fireplace again. If the damper is difficult to adjust, you can have it replaced or repaired while the chimney cleaning service is doing other maintenance.

Inspecting the Exterior of Your Chimney Stack

In addition to cleaning the interior of your chimney, the exterior is also going to need to be inspected. You are also going to want to inspect the exterior of the chimney for signs of leaks and other problems that can cause damage to your home. During the summer months, you may want to have a screen installed on the cap to keep birds and other pests from nesting inside the chimney. These screens can be a temporary pest solution, or they can be more permanent integrations in a new chimney cap if you have to have yours replaced.

The maintenance of your fireplace should start with chimney cleaning and an inspection after you quit using it. Contact a chimney cleaning service for help with these things.