Hiring Roofers For Homes With Different Types Of Roofing Materials

Posted on: 17 May 2021


The roofing you want to have installed on your home may not be conventional shingles. Instead, you may want to have different materials installed on your home. The choices of roofing materials can include things like metal and tile. The following information will help with your roofing project:

Metal Roofing Systems

The roof you have installed on your home can be a metal system. If you want to have a conventional shingle look, stamped metal tiles are a premium roofing material option to consider. There are also other materials like panels and standing seam roofs. These materials will give your home a more traditional metal roof look. Today, standing seam roofs are commonly installed on homes and businesses for a durable, long-lasting metal roof solution.

Clay Tile Roofs

Tiles are another type of roofing system to consider for your home. Tile roofs are a great option for your home, but they may require reinforcing the structure. If you don't want to invest in changes to your roof structure, consider lighter synthetic tile materials. These roofing materials are designed to look like tiles but weigh less. They may still weigh more than conventional asphalt shingles. Thus, you will need to discuss concerns for roof loads with your roofing contractor.

Wood Shakes

There are also various shake roofing systems that can be installed on your home. These start with natural hand-split shakes. There are other types of materials that you may want to consider for a shake roof too. These can be treated, metal or synthetic shakes. The natural wood alternatives can provide a durable solution where real wood shakes can't be used. These materials are also ideal in areas where fire is a concern and wood shakes are not commonly used on homes.

Asphalt Shingles

Lastly, you may still want to have an asphalt shingle roof installed. There are several options for an asphalt shingle roof. First, there are the conventional and affordable single-tabbed shingles. These are the most basic asphalt shingles. If you want more attractive, longer-lasting asphalt materials, consider using 3D or architectural shingles for your roof. The architectural shingles also have the benefit of usually having a longer lifetime guarantee and are more resistant to wind damage.

The roofing you have installed on your home can be different than the asphalt shingles you have removed. Contact a roofer to discuss the type of roofing materials you have installed on your home.