4 Signs It's Time To Call A Roof Repair Contractor

Posted on: 10 May 2021


It's not always easy to know when your roof needs to be repaired if you can't see all the shingles from the ground and you don't see an obvious leak. You have to look for signs and clues instead. Here are four things you might see that indicate roof repairs could be needed.

Mold Is Growing In Your Home

A roof leak doesn't always drip from the ceiling. The rain might drip behind a wall instead. You may not notice a leak behind a wall right away, and that leaves time for mold to grow.

You may not even smell the mold, but if you notice a musty odor, track down the source. If there is no plumbing leak to blame, the problem might be a roof leak that needs to be repaired.

Moss Is Growing On The Roof

It's not good to see things growing on the roof. That's an indication of a moisture problem and potential roof damage. Moss can lift shingles and allow rain to leak through.

At the least, you need to have the moss removed. You might also need roof repairs done to fix water damage to the roof and to flatten shingles that have lifted and been moved.

You've Had An Animal Pest In The Attic

If you've had a raccoon, squirrel, or rat in your attic, chances are they came in through the roof. Once the animal has been removed, call a roof repair company to find their entry hole and patch it. There might also be damage on the roof from the animals gnawing or scratching at the shingles.

You Find Bits Of The Shingles In The Gutters

When you dig leaves out of your gutters, it's a good time to check your roof. Even if you don't see all the shingles, you might see signs of shingle damage in the gutters. If the troughs are full of granules, that means the granules have been knocked off the shingles and the shingles are exposed to UV rays and are possibly damaged.

You might also find pieces or chips of shingles that have cracked off. That could indicate your roof was impacted by hail or a tree branch and has some damage. If a shingle is cracked and has a piece missing, the roof might be leaking. Call a roof repair contractor to check your roof to find out.

Even if you look up at your roof often, you might miss signs of damage that can only be seen up close from on top of your roof. If you can't climb on your roof yourself, then you may want a roofer to inspect your roof every few years just to make sure there is no damage you don't know about. Roof damage gets worse since the rot from water damage spreads, so quick roof repairs are important for protecting your roof from escalating damage.